Add Canada to Your List of Countries to Move to For Work

Canadian winters may be cold, but they don't scare away those considering relocating for work. A recent study conducted on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) by global search company Ipsos Global Affairs found Canada is the second most desirable destination to uproot to for work. The 2017 CERC Mobility Survey provides a global perspective on the willingness of employees to move to another country for the purpose of employment. 

Canada's Popularity Grows
Up two spots, Canada ranked fourth in 2012 when the survey was last conducted. The country earned second place in the present findings with 22% of employee votes— 8% behind the U.S. The U.S. remained in the top spot, however, support dropped 4% from the previous poll. The U.K. followed in third with Australia close by in fourth place.

Workers Don't Want to Move Internationally
In addition to the top places to relocate to for work, the survey also uncovered a growing reluctance for employees to take on international assignments. Down from 25% in 2012, only 18% of the 10,096 employees from 20 countries surveyed said they would be ‘very likely’ to move to another country for a job. Canadians were inline with the study’s average with a 19% willingness.

The most enticed to temporarily relocate for work were executives, those under the age of 35, business owners and those unmarried. Willingness to relocate nearly doubled if employers guaranteed the option for prospects to return to their current position or provided job hunting support to spouses. In comparison, 4 in 10 said ‘there is nothing my employer could do to convince me to move to another country for work’.

Canadians Move Down Under 
Where would the majority of Canadian workers relocate to? Australia is first on the list with 33% of Canadian votes. The study did not disclose the reason why a destination was preferred, but we suspect Canada’s winters was a factor in their decision.
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